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Sunstate Coatings, Inc. has exceeded the painting and coating expectations of numerous commercial customers in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Port Canaveral, Port Manatee and surrounding parts of Florida. Our projects include hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings, community recreational centers, condominiums, office buildings, convention centers, warehouses, retail /shopping centers, auto dealership showrooms, and churches.

Sunstate Coatings, Inc. specializes in painting and applying various types of coatings and coverings. Our ability to assess problems, manage surface preparation and apply suitable coatings on time and on budget is what it takes to satisfy the needs of our diversified customer base.

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Sunstate Coatings, Inc. is committed to servicing the needs of our commercial customers by offering a variety of products and services from wallpaper application to waterproofing to floor epoxy coatings in high-traffic areas. We are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable employees that know to be presentable and to work clean and safe in an environment where people are busy working or living. Surface preparation we offer:

Commercial Coatings We Apply:


Sunstate Coatings, Inc. uses water-based products, natural low-VOC / low-odor paint and eco-friendly products when attempting to improve indoor air quality in the work space and for a safer environmental impact. Safety is important and we are careful to designate work areas by use of caution signs and cones. Properly maintained equipment assures you that a safe and productive operation is maintained to meet your project’s schedule.

Commercial Experience

Industry Definitions (Resource: SSPC Glossary 2011)


Also called abrasive blasting, a surface preparation method that uses an abrasive propelled by air pressure, centrifugal force, or water pressure to clean and usually to profile a surface. Stand-off distance, angle of attack, and dwell time are the three most important variables under the control of an operator that can affect the quality and effectiveness of the blast cleaning.


A soft, resilient, putty-like material used for filling cracks and holes or for sealing around flashing, frames and piping. The binder type used dictates the use and resistance properties. Examples are: latex acrylic, epoxy/urethane, silicone, and butyl. Available in single component tubes (guns) or single and multi-component materials for application by knife or spreader.


Use of solvents or caustics to soften existing coatings for removal by scraping and/or flushing.


The use of manually operated impact, scraping, sanding, and brushing tools to remove loose paint, loose rust, and loose mill scale. Such tools include slag hammers, chipping hammers, scrapers, and wire brushes.


The use of power impact, rotary, or rotary impact tools to remove loose paint, rust, mill scale, and other loose contaminants from a surface.


Abrasive blast cleaning with cast steel shot or any material that maintains a spherical shape.


The use of organic solvents, detergents, alkaline cleaners, and steam cleaning to remove oil,grease, dirt, soil, and other, similar organic compounds from a surface.


An alternative to air abrasive blast cleaning for wood, concrete, metal, or other surfaces. Water blast cleaning can be used with or without abrasive injection. Water cleaning at pressures up to 5,000 psi (34.48 MPa) is called low pressure water cleaning or power washing. High pressure water cleaning uses water pressures between 5,000 and 10,000 psi (34.48 to 68.95 MPa). Water jetting is water blasting with added abrasive at pressures between 10,000 and 25,000 psi (68.95 to 172.38 MPa). Ultra high pressure water jetting is water blasting at pressures above 25,000 psi (172.38 MPa).

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