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Sunstate Coatings, Inc. is a full-service industrial painting and specialty coatings company providing excellent service with industrial projects requiring abrasive blasting and coating applications: complex steel structures, municipal water and sewer facilities including water storage tanks and treatment equipment, pipelines pump stations, industrial floor coatings and waterproofing, abrasion resistant coatings and tank restoration. We proudly serve clients in Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Port Canaveral and surrounding parts of Florida.

Experience and Quality

Sunstate Coatings, Inc. is committed to providing the best possible coating or lining by personnel trained and experienced in proper surface preparation and coating application. Surface preparation we offer:

Industrial Coatings we apply:


Utilizing dust collection systems, dehumidification equipment, containment and compressed air dryers we are able to meet the ever-changing regulations governing industrial painting projects, either on land or on water. Properly maintained equipment assures you that a safe and productive operation is maintained to meet your project’s schedule.

Industry Experience

Industry Definitions (Resource: SSPC Glossary 2011)


Also called abrasive blasting, a surface preparation method that uses an abrasive propelled by air pressure, centrifugal force, or water pressure to clean and usually to profile a surface. Stand-off distance, angle of attack, and dwell time are the three most important variables under the control of an operator that can affect the quality and effectiveness of the blast cleaning.


An alternative to air abrasive blast cleaning for wood, concrete, metal, or other surfaces. Water blast cleaning can be used with or without abrasive injection. Water cleaning at pressures up to 5,000 psi (34.48 MPa) is called low pressure water cleaning or power washing. High pressure water cleaning uses water pressures between 5,000 and 10,000 psi (34.48 to 68.95 MPa). Water jetting is water blasting with added abrasive at pressures between 10,000 and 25,000 psi (68.95 to 172.38 MPa). Ultra high pressure water jetting is water blasting at pressures above 25,000 psi (172.38 MPa).


Abrasive blast cleaning with cast steel shot or any material that maintains a spherical shape.

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